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Watch this page for new batches of minerals presented together as galleries.


May 14 2019    Update #11 - New World Gold

A suite of gold all hailing from the western hemisphere.

April 24 2019    Update #10

Update #10 brings you a break from the golds with 23 new mineral specimens to browse.

April 8 2019    Update #9

A group of golds and other minerals that won't break the bank.

March 29 2019    Update #8

Golds from this locality first hit the market at the Tucson show in 2016. The discovery occurred mid year in 2015, when several thousand garimpeiros flocked to the area and began hand digging. The gold occurred in stockwork veins which have been subjected to saprolitic weathering. The weathering is so intense that the rock is essentially altered to clay. The miners are therefore able to dig the golds with hand tools.

Gold in this region has been dated between 800-900 Ma. The area has been a very stable craton to have preserved these fine crystals for such a length of time. The saprolitic weathering has made cleaning of these specimens quite simple using just a water gun. Crystal morphology shows fantastic hoppered growth, combined with cubic and octahedral crystals along with spinel twinning.

March 19 2019    Update #7

A diverse group of minerals from locations around the globe.

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